Grammar Patterns

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II.8 The 'prod' and 'pull' group

These verbs are concerned with touching something. This includes:
    hitting something or trying to hit it
    grasping something or trying to grasp it
    pulling something
Graham clawed at the chain as it dug into his neck but he could make no impression on Lemmer's stranglehold.
I knocked at the front door.
Her announcement was intended to make a forceful impact but she was totally unprepared when Ricky immediately lashed out at her with his fists.
Cathy was prodding at a boiled egg, staring into space.
'Maria?' he said again and pulled at her wrist.
  • beat
  • claw
  • clutch
  • dab
  • grab
  • grasp
  • hack
  • hammer
  • jab
  • knock
  • lap
  • paw
  • pluck
  • poke
  • prod
  • pull
  • slash
  • snatch
  • stab
  • swing
  • swipe
  • tap
  • tear
  • thrash
  • tug
  • yank
  • hack away
  • hit out
  • lash out
  • strike out
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