Grammar Patterns

V at n

II.11 The 'shoot' group

These verbs are concerned with attacking someone in some way. This includes:
    sending something towards someone e.g. shoot, spit
    moving towards someone e.g. rush
We also include here strike, which usually indicates that something is attacked in a non-physical way.
And the fight was on. Cassandra came at him, swinging her blade wildly.
Official sources said a police patrol was fired at by some people from inside a place of worship.
Now Chuck, armed with a wrench, jumped down from the truck, and rushed at Hans.
The soldiers were shooting at anything that moved now.
Such a policy strikes at the very heart of the aircraft industry.
  • aim
  • come
  • fire
  • fly
  • gob
  • rush
  • shoot
  • snipe
  • spit
  • strike
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