Grammar Patterns

V n as to wh

The 'advise' group

These verbs are concerned with asking for or giving advice or information.
They should be advised as to how to minimize the risks.
Our attempts to consult him as to what would be a suitable site have been met evasively.
Students are counselled as to their choice of options so that they study a particular area of computing.
She removed the children to this country without any notice to the father and deliberately deceiving him as to her intentions.
A second jury would have to be carefully educated as to how and why this soft-spoken mother of five had been able to kill the father of her children.
I cannot see what that wording refers to in the Bill. It would be helpful if the Minister illuminated the Committee as to what it refers to.
Mr Bridge has been informed as to the seriousness of his violation.
We think the next step is to instruct them as to how to have safe sex.
Every day I was pressed as to why I did not try to come to an agreement with doctors.
Some directors were apt to take him aside and question him as to the seriousness of his commitment to the theatre.
  • advise
  • answer
  • ask
  • brief
  • challenge
  • consult
  • counsel
  • deceive
  • educate
  • enlighten
  • illuminate
  • inform
  • instruct
  • interrogate
  • misinform
  • mislead
  • press
  • question
  • quiz
  • warn
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