Grammar Patterns

V n between/among pl-n

The 'divide' group

These verbs are concerned with dividing something between two or more people or groups. When only two people or groups are involved, the preposition is usually between rather than among. When more than two people or groups are involved, you can use either between or among.
These corporate monsters have carved up the planet between them and also dominate social, cultural and political life.
Drain the noodles and divide them among the individual serving bowls.
The tips are divided up equally between the staff, and then added on to their wage packet.
Election coverage on radio and television will be split between the party in power and the opposition parties.
  • distribute
  • divide
  • share (usu passive)
  • split (usu passive)
  • carve up
  • divide up (usu passive)
  • share out
  • split up
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