Grammar Patterns

V n n

Structure III: Verb with Object and Adjunct

Active voice: V n amount
 Verb groupnoun groupamount
Dittmarwonthe fifth game15-9.
The under-21 sidelostits match2-0 to Switzerland.
Passive voice: be V-ed amount
 Verb groupamount
Hewas beaten15-10, 15-3.
The verbs with this structure are all concerned with winning or losing in sporting events. The noun group following the verb is either the name of a team or a word like game or match. The second noun group indicates the scores involved, and is always an amount. The pattern is V n amount.
It's the team which thrashed England 40 points to 15.
  • beat
  • defeat
  • lose
  • thrash
  • win
  • Structure information: Verb with Object and Adjunct

    The noun group following the verb is the Object, and the second noun group, which is always an amount, is an Adjunct. This structure has a passive, with the pattern be V-ed amount. The amount is an Adjunct.

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