Grammar Patterns

V n with n

II.1 The 'provide' group

These verbs are concerned with giving something to someone or something. The prepositional phrase indicates the thing that is given. This includes:
    supplying someone with something that they want or need e.g. arm, provide
    giving someone too much of something, or something they do not want e.g. deluge, land
    giving someone something that is not what is needed e.g. fob off, palm off
    giving a particular kind of thing, or giving in a particular way e.g. dose, inject
    showing approval of someone by giving them something or doing them a service e.g. honour, oblige
Old people have to like their companions, because they entrust them with their jewels and their personal mail and stuff.
Any individual who incites another to commit murder, who furnishes him with the lethal weapon to kill someone, is guilty of the crime as much as the killer is.
The government planned to honour him with a brass band concert in his garden.
The researchers gave volunteers sherbet sweets just before injecting them with adrenaline.
Too many solicitors are failing to give their clients a clear idea of their charges - until they land them with a huge bill.
Joseph Smith made sure that he was never palmed off with inferior stuff.
Many additives help to provide us with good and safe food.
  • arm
  • deluge (usu passive)
  • dope
  • dose
  • endow
  • entrust
  • equip
  • feed
  • fit
  • fix
  • furnish
  • honour
  • infect
  • inject
  • inundate
  • invest
  • issue (usu passive)
  • land
  • lavish
  • leave
  • lumber (usu passive)
  • mail
  • oblige
  • outfit
  • ply
  • present
  • provide
  • regale
  • saddle
  • serve
  • supply
  • treat
  • vest (usu passive)
  • dose up
  • fit out
  • fix up
  • fob off (usu passive)
  • kit out (usu passive)
  • load down
  • palm off (usu passive)
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