Grammar Patterns

V n with n

II.3 The 'agree' group

These verbs are concerned with doing something jointly with another person. The prepositional phrase indicates the other person involved. This includes:
    arguing or negotiating with someone e.g. agree, conclude, fight, negotiate
    playing a game with someone
    sharing things with someone
    taking joint responsibility with someone e.g. co-author
All the verbs in this group are reciprocal verbs or ergative reciprocal verbs (see Chapter 6 and Chapter 8).
The university might acquire some more property if it can agree a deal with the city council.
Scientists in SETI are transmitting messages into space in the hope of establishing contact with other beings.
Further talks are being held with the protest leaders.
Many prefer to talk these issues through with a careers adviser or close friend.
  • agree
  • argue
  • bandy
  • clinch
  • clink
  • co-author
  • conclude
  • debate
  • dispute
  • establish
  • exchange
  • fight
  • finalize
  • forge
  • hold
  • negotiate
  • normalize
  • play
  • renew
  • reopen
  • share
  • strike
  • swap
  • trade
  • patch up
  • talk over
  • talk through
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