Grammar Patterns

V n with n

II.5 The 'decorate' group

These verbs are concerned with changing the appearance of something by adding things to it. This includes:
    putting a decoration on something e.g. decorate, garland
    putting a mark on something e.g. brush, daub, smear
    cutting or printing the surface of something e.g. etch, imprint
The prepositional phrase indicates the kind of addition made.
Their blood was used to daub the walls with slogans.
The wall facing him was decorated with elaborate dark wood carvings.
Each photo is automatically printed with the date on which it was taken.
  • accessorize
  • brush
  • dab
  • daub
  • deck
  • decorate
  • drape
  • embellish (usu passive)
  • embroider (usu passive)
  • engrave (usu passive)
  • etch (usu passive)
  • festoon (usu passive)
  • frame
  • furnish
  • garland (usu passive)
  • girdle (usu passive)
  • grace (usu passive)
  • hang (usu passive)
  • imprint (usu passive)
  • mark
  • print (usu passive)
  • smear
  • spread
  • stamp
  • stencil
  • streak (usu passive)
  • thread
  • trim (usu passive)
  • wreathe (usu passive)
  • Some of the verbs in this group also occur in the pattern V n prep/adv, where the prepositional phrase or adverb indicates where the addition is put. Examples of both patterns are We draped the walls with banners and We draped banners across the walls. The verbs in this meaning group with these two patterns are: dab, daub, drape, hang, smear, spread and thread (see Chapter 4, Section 1).

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