Grammar Patterns

V n with n

II.6 The 'cover' group

These verbs are concerned with putting something around or on top of something, or with covering the surface of something, physically or metaphorically. We also include here line, which indicates that the inside surface of something is covered.
In the middle of the table, which was covered with a starched, lace-edged cloth, stood a large bowl of jelly.
Every reform was hedged about with pages of rules.
The polished floorboards are overlaid with old rugs.
If the chip pan is on fire, smother it with a damp blanket or towel and remember not to open doors if you smell smoke because this will help the fire to spread.
The main method for treating waste on site is to top it with an impermeable cap.
In the case of surround, the noun group following the verb is often a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V pron-refl with n.
Her technique was to surround herself with strong women and weak men.
  • cap
  • carpet (usu passive)
  • coat
  • cover
  • douse
  • encase
  • line
  • overlay (usu passive)
  • plaster
  • slather
  • smother
  • surround
  • top
  • wrap
  • hedge about (usu passive)
  • wrap up
  • The verbs plaster and slather also have the pattern V n prep/adv, where the prepositional phrase or adverb indicates where the addition is put (see Chapter 4, Section 1).

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