Grammar Patterns

V n with n

II.7 The 'fill' group

These verbs are concerned with filling something, physically or metaphorically. The prepositional phrase indicates the things that are put into the container or other thing that is filled.
The third drawer was cluttered with an assortment of unconnected items.
When we are at the sea we tend to breathe more deeply to fill our lungs with fresh air.
Then it was time to pack the bags, load up the vehicles with bikes and trophies, and make for the airport.
Crumple up a sheet of newspaper and saturate it with the vinegar solution.
In the case of fill and stuff, the noun group following the verb is always or often a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V pron refl with n. The phrasal verb fill up has the pattern V pron-refl P with n.
When your life is filled with friends and interesting activities, you won't need to fill yourself up with food.
  • choke (usu passive)
  • clutter (usu passive)
  • cram
  • encumber (usu passive)
  • fill
  • flood
  • glut (usu passive)
  • impregnate
  • load
  • overload
  • pack
  • pile (usu passive)
  • saturate
  • soak
  • stack
  • stuff
  • suffuse (usu passive)
  • clog up
  • clutter up
  • fill up
  • load up
  • Some of the verbs in this group also occur in the pattern V n prep/adv, where the prepositional phrase or adverb indicates where the things are put. Examples of both patterns are He loaded the van with cartons and He loaded cartons into the van. The verbs in this meaning group with these two patterns are: cram, load, pile and stuff (see Chapter 4, Section 1).

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