Grammar Patterns

V n with n

II.8 The 'flavour' group

These verbs are concerned with adding a small or measured amount of something into or on to something, physically or metaphorically. The prepositional phrase indicates the thing that is added.
Prepare the custard and flavour it with orange-flower water.
That article painted a picture that was too simplistic, and I thought it ought to be fleshed out with a few personal reminiscences.
Compiled by perfume expert Sheila Pickles, the book was scented with Elizabethan Rose fragrance.
Each camel trainer has his own ideas about what else to add, and may supplement this diet with honey, date seeds, lemons, local plants, and spices.
The seriousness of the president's economic message was tempered with a few light moments.
  • dilute
  • drizzle
  • dust
  • flavour
  • fortify (usu passive)
  • lace
  • lard
  • leaven
  • perfume
  • scent
  • season
  • spice
  • supplement
  • sweeten
  • temper
  • flesh out
  • pad out
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