Grammar Patterns

V n with n

II.9 The 'shower' group

These verbs are concerned with scattering objects or liquids around a place. The prepositional phrase indicates the objects or liquid.
Outside, the road was peppered with glass.
He will be disfigured for life after being showered with blazing petrol.
A puff of soot coughed from the chimney, splattering the hearth with inky specks.
I would far rather have weeds in my garden than strew the ground with bark or coconut shell chips.
  • pepper (usu passive)
  • shower
  • spatter
  • splash
  • splatter
  • spray
  • sprinkle
  • squirt
  • strew
  • Some of the verbs in this group also occur in the pattern V n prep/adv, where the prepositional phrase or adverb indicates where the thing is scattered. Examples of both patterns are I splashed my face with water and I splashed water on my face. The verbs in this meaning group with these two patterns are: spatter, splash, spray, sprinkle, strew (see Chapter 4, Section 1).

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