Grammar Patterns

V n with n

Structure I: Verb with Object and prepositional Object

Active voice: V n with n
 Verb groupnoun groupwithnoun group
SubjectVerbObjectprepositional Object
 Blendthe spinachwiththe egg yolks.
Many peopleconfusea severe coldwithflu.
Youcan intersperseperiods of runningwithperiods of walking.
Passive voice: be V-ed with n
 Verb groupwithnoun group
SubjectVerbprepositional Object
Educationis correlatedwithincome.
The offerwas coupledwitha warning.
Active voice: V n P with n, V P n (not pron) with n
 Verb groupnoun groupParticlewithnoun group
SubjectVerb...Object...Verbprepositional Object
Hehas muddledmeupwithIan Ogilvy.
Shepairedmeoffwithher brother.
 Verb groupParticlenoun groupwithnoun group
SubjectVerbObjectprepositional Object
Hematchesupthe descriptionswiththe actual places.
The bookmuddlesupreal characterswithinvented ones.
Passive voice: be V-ed P with n
 Verb groupParticlewithnoun group
SubjectVerbprepositional Object
Europecannot be lumpedtogetherwiththe US.
Their sonshad been pairedupwithunsuitable women.
Verbs with this structure belong to the following meaning groups:
I.1 The 'compare' groupI.2 The 'combine' groupI.3 The 'alternate' groupI.4 The 'juxtapose' groupI.5 Verbs with other meaningsStructure information: Verb with Object and prepositional Object

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