Grammar Patterns

V n with n

II.13 The 'beset' group

These verbs indicate that someone has problems. The noun group indicates the person or situation with the problem, and the prepositional phrase indicates the problem.
The oil and gas industries are beset with labour production problems.
I was racked with envy and then guilt for feeling jealous.
In the case of confront and face, the preposition with is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
As well as language differences and the newness of the job, the American teachers are confronted with making sense of the National Curriculum.
In 1955 my wife and I were faced with making the journey from Birmingham to the Isle of Wight following our wedding.
  • barrage (usu passive)
  • beset (usu passive)
  • confront (usu passive)
  • encumber (usu passive)
  • face (usu passive)
  • rack (usu passive)
  • weigh down (usu passive)
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