Grammar Patterns

V on n

II.6 The 'beat' group

These verbs are concerned with touching something. This includes:
    hitting something
    pressing something
The rain was beating on the windowpanes.
With this in mind, she knocked on the door and waited.
Press on the wound firmly with your fingers to flatten the cut blood vessels.
So she got in her car and backed it up and then she stomped on the gas and plowed right into his Mercedes.
The most common foot fracture occurs in contact sports where feet can easily be trodden on.
Many of these verbs are sometimes followed by upon instead of on, especially beat, knock, rest, and tread.
His legs were stretched out and his feet rested upon a sofa.
  • bang
  • beat
  • clatter
  • clunk
  • drum
  • grate
  • hammer
  • impact
  • knock
  • pound
  • press
  • pull
  • rap
  • rest
  • stamp
  • stomp
  • strum
  • tap
  • thump
  • trample
  • tread
  • bear down
  • beat up
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