Grammar Patterns

V over n

I.2 The 'grieve' group

These verbs are concerned with thinking or feeling. The prepositional phrase indicates what the thought or feeling relates to. We include here differ and disagree, which indicate that people have different views on something.
Fashion editors drooled over every item, from the black wool shaped jackets to the tie-dyed velvet trousers.
They have assembled a list of helpful hints for families who are grieving over the death of a loved one.
Differ and disagree are reciprocal verbs (see Chapter 6) and always have a plural Subject with this pattern.
The two have disagreed over the pace of economic reforms.
In the case of the following verbs, the preposition over is sometimes followed by a wh-clause: agonize, brood, deliberate, differ, disagree, dither, fret, muse, ponder, puzzle, ruminate, speculate, waffle, waver.
Many agonized over whether to take the offer.
But yesterday Baker said the two sides still disagree over when those meetings should be held.
  • agonize
  • brood
  • deliberate
  • differ
  • disagree
  • dither
  • drool
  • fantasize
  • fret
  • fume
  • gloat
  • grieve
  • moon
  • muse
  • obsess
  • ponder
  • puzzle
  • ruminate
  • salivate
  • seethe
  • slaver
  • smart
  • speculate
  • swoon
  • waffle
  • waver
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