Grammar Patterns

within N

The 'earshot' group

These nouns are used to indicate that someone or something is close enough to be heard or seen by someone, or reached by someone or something. We include here grasp, which is usually used metaphorically to indicate that something can be achieved. Range and reach are also sometimes used metaphorically.
It is my own custom to wait at the side of the road, listening carefully until I am absolutely certain that no traffic is within earshot and then I cross at a brisk pace.
Preventing some forms of cancer, too, is now within our grasp.
The town is already within our artillery range.
Prints by prominent artists are within the reach of the average pocket.
  • within earshot (of ...)
  • within hearing (of ...)
  • within range (of ...)
  • within reach (of ...)
  • within sight (of ...)
  • within my grasp /within the grasp of ...
  • within ... range /within (the) range of ...
  • within ... reach /within (the) reach of ...
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