ADJ about n

The 'certain' group

These adjectives indicate that someone is sure or unsure about an idea or about a feeling, or shows this in the way they speak. We include here unanimous, which is a reciprocal adjective.
Sally's parents split up when she was in her teens. It is hardly surprising that she feels ambivalent about the idea of getting married herself.
'I am quite certain about my identity,' he said.
Many have been doubtful about the arguments on which this teaching is based.
A lot of people are very sceptical about viruses and think that maybe you are making it all up.
The preposition about is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
I had such a great marriage, I'm iffy about having a second.
In the case of ambivalent, certain, definite, sceptical, sincere, sure, uncertain, and undecided, the preposition is sometimes followed by a wh-clause.
The press is still not sure about how good I am.
If you are uncertain about what is going to happen, contact the ward Sister to check.
  • adamant
  • agnostic
  • ambiguous
  • ambivalent
  • assertive
  • categorical
  • certain
  • circumspect
  • definite
  • definitive
  • dogmatic
  • doubtful
  • dubious
  • emphatic
  • equivocal
  • hazy
  • iffy
  • indecisive
  • insistent
  • noncommittal
  • resolute
  • sceptical
  • sincere
  • skittish
  • sure
  • unanimous
  • uncertain
  • unconvinced
  • undecided
  • unequivocal
  • unsure
  • संबंधित सामग्री देखें

    कोलिन्स से नया!
    कोलिन्स से नया!
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    The Paul Noble Method
    The Paul Noble Method
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