ADJ about n

The 'scathing' and 'charitable' group

These adjectives indicate that someone talks about a person or thing in a way that is complimentary to them or insulting to them.
Only two shoppers I interviewed were charitable about the new government.
She started being sarcastic about me to senior members of the team.
Modest about his own poetry, he was scathing about other poets who, in his opinion, wove webs of deceit around the business of crafting a good poem.
He was devastatingly witty about his political opponents.
The preposition about is sometimes followed by a noun group and an '-ing' clause. This pattern is ADJ about n -ing.
They've been very judgmental about me having left my son. What kind of a person could I be to have done that?
  • abusive
  • acerbic
  • affectionate
  • bitchy
  • blunt
  • catty
  • caustic
  • censorious
  • charitable
  • cheeky
  • churlish
  • complimentary
  • critical
  • cruel
  • derogatory
  • diplomatic
  • dismissive
  • disparaging
  • facetious
  • flippant
  • grudging
  • harsh
  • horrible
  • horrid
  • hostile
  • hypercritical
  • insulting
  • ironic
  • judgmental
  • kind
  • mean
  • nasty
  • offensive
  • overenthusiastic
  • polite
  • rude
  • sarcastic
  • scathing
  • snide
  • snotty
  • tactful
  • unkind
  • unpleasant
  • venomous
  • vicious
  • vitriolic
  • withering
  • witty
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