ADJ to-inf

The 'terrible' and 'wonderful' group

These adjectives indicate that something is good or bad in some way. The to-infinitive clause indicates what action is involved.
Both of us found the handle convenient to use because it pivots to give a choice of angle and height.
Water was scarce and becoming dangerous to drink.
The printing is bold and easy to read.
He was excellent to work with and deeply respected and liked by his juniors in the police force.
These machines need careful setting up and are fiddly to clean.
The car was terrible to park and manoeuvre, but not as cumbersome on the road as you'd think.
Children love to climb - trees, climbing frames and furniture are all wonderful to explore.
  • agreeable
  • amazing
  • awkward
  • brilliant
  • clumsy
  • convenient
  • dangerous
  • demanding
  • difficult
  • dreadful
  • easy
  • excellent
  • fiddly
  • fine
  • good
  • great
  • hard
  • heavy
  • horrible
  • ideal
  • impossible
  • inappropriate
  • inconvenient
  • laborious
  • light
  • lovely
  • magnificent
  • marvellous
  • messy
  • nice
  • perfect
  • plain
  • pleasant
  • pleasurable
  • quiet
  • safe
  • simple
  • straightforward
  • superb
  • terrible
  • terrific
  • time-consuming
  • tough
  • tricky
  • uncomfortable
  • wonderful
  • संबंधित सामग्री देखें

    कोलिन्स से नया!
    कोलिन्स से नया!
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    The Paul Noble Method
    The Paul Noble Method
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