ADJ with n

The 'awash' group

These adjectives indicate that there is a lot of something in a place, thing, or situation, which might be desirable or undesirable.
Its forests of ebony trees were abundant with wildlife.
TV is awash with cookery programmes fronted by an army of bright young presenters.
An ancient fortress surrounds a city that is full of picturesque houses, neighbourhoods drenched with medieval charm, and quaint restaurants serving regional delights.
Apparently the festive season is fraught with danger for pets.
The air was heavy with cigarette smoke.
'Charcoal Lane' is a record imbued with a love of life and the land.
The house itself, though large and airy and redolent with history, had one or two drawbacks.
The popular press in Britain has been rife with stories about their marriage.
They're as helpful as they can be but they're snowed under with work.
In summer, the place is thick with mosquitoes, with 25 different varieties to choose from.
The marble halls are thronged with lawyers, defendants, guards, anxious families, and a frantic group of courtroom journalists.
  • abundant
  • abuzz
  • alive
  • awash
  • burdened
  • bursting
  • chock-a-block
  • crammed
  • crowded
  • drenched
  • engorged
  • filled
  • flush
  • fraught
  • heaped
  • heavy
  • imbued
  • infested
  • jammed
  • jam-packed
  • laden
  • littered
  • loaded
  • overburdened
  • overrun
  • packed
  • rampant
  • redolent
  • replete
  • rich
  • riddled
  • rife
  • ripe
  • smothered
  • snowed under
  • sodden
  • stacked
  • stiff
  • strewn
  • thick
  • thronged
  • vibrant
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