N among pl-n

The 'fear' group

These nouns refer to feelings, attitudes, or views that people have. Most of them refer to specific attitudes or feelings, but attitude, belief, conviction, feeling, mood, reaction, sense, sentiment, and view are more general.
At Demos, the independent think-tank, Helen Wilkinson has studied changing attitudes amongst young women and young men.
The judgment is likely to cause confusion among doctors faced with advising patients about the risk of vaccinations.
This sparked fears among many that he had suffered further damage in what is his comeback season from surgery to remove a brain tumour.
The American interest rate cut increased optimism among investors, and shares rallied in New York.
The cutbacks have sparked outrage among the officers' union, the Australian Federal Police Association.
Mentality is always preceded by an adjective, noun, or phrase.
This has generated a'now-or-never' mentality amongst potential bidders.
  • acceptance
  • alarm
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • apathy
  • attitude
  • awareness
  • belief
  • bitterness
  • concern
  • confidence
  • confusion
  • conviction
  • disaffection
  • discontent
  • disquiet
  • dissatisfaction
  • doubt
  • enthusiasm
  • excitement
  • expectation
  • fear
  • feeling
  • frustration
  • fury
  • indignation
  • insecurity
  • interest
  • jealousy
  • loyalty
  • mentality
  • mood
  • morale
  • nervousness
  • opposition
  • optimism
  • outrage
  • panic
  • reaction
  • recognition
  • reluctance
  • resentment
  • sense
  • sentiment
  • suspicion
  • sympathy
  • tension
  • uncertainty
  • understanding
  • unease
  • view
  • worry
  • Many of these nouns often or sometimes have the pattern N among pl-n combined with another pattern, which is used to mention the content or topic of the feeling, attitude, or view.
    There is, though, a deep-seated belief among leading clubs that a parting of the ways is inevitable. (N among pl-n that) Conversion note: Added more text here.
    But staff shortages and a reluctance among doctors to work at night have threatened the future of the centre. (N among pl-n to-inf) Conversion note: Added more text here.
    There was a lot of resentment among the players about him being reinstated as an amateur. (N among pl-n about n -ing) Conversion note: Added more text here.
    Carlson sees signs of a growing awareness among women of the iniquities of the present system. (N among pl-n of n) Conversion note: Added more text here.

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