the N be that

the N about n be that

The noun is preceded by the and followed by a prepositional phrase which consists of about and a noun group or '-ing' clause. This is followed by a form of the verb be and a that-clause. The noun is used in the singular, or in the plural preceded by one of the.
theNounaboutnoun group/-ing clausebethat-clause
Thepointaboutthese programmesisthat they are not predictable.
Theproblemaboutold peopleisthat they become very sensitive.
Thethingaboutdyingisthat we all do it.
Nouns are used with this pattern to focus on an aspect of something, or an issue relating to something, that you are about to mention.
The point about Edna is that she's an artist with tremendous technical understanding.
The problem about this, of course, is that the costs involved in employing these people is pretty horrendous.
The thing about boxers is that the ones at the top are extremely good athletes.
I think the thing about commuting is that it's a cumulative stress.
Occasionally there is a noun group after the link verb.
The thing about the 1980s was the optimism, the feeling that there was nothing to lose.
  • point
  • problem
  • thing
  • The same nouns are also used in the pattern pron be the N about n. In this pattern the Subject is a pronoun, usually this or that, and the whole pattern is usually followed by an explanatory clause.
    pronounbetheNounaboutnoun group/-ing clause
    That'sthethingaboutliving in your home town.
    And that's the point about basic research: without it, you don't even know what questions to ask.
    The fact is that few people did expect it, otherwise it would never have happened. That is the point about stock market crashes.
    These nouns are sometimes used in similar patterns with an adjective:
    The real exciting point about this project is that it's sparked off a whole new creativity.
    The best thing about buying a raffle ticket is that you will be helping to save a life.
    I think that's the best thing about growing up: being able to get away from an environment you hate.

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