V adj

The 'stare' group

These verbs are concerned with looking. They are used with adjectives describing the expression or emotion of the person who is looking at something.
The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded one minute after launch. As the world looked on horrified, few realised that this was an inevitable accident that had been predicted by the designers for years.
Others cling to older children who stare wide-eyed at the scene unfolding before them.
She watched aghast as her drunken friend leapt on to an historic four-poster bed, setting off alarms and creating mayhem in a packed museum.
  • gaze
  • stare
  • watch
  • look on
  • The following adjectives are used with these verbs. In addition, some adjectives from the lists in meaning groups 5 and 6 above, for example entranced and transfixed, can be used with these verbs.
  • aghast
  • amazed
  • appalled
  • goggle-eyed
  • horrified
  • open-mouthed
  • unseeing
  • wide-eyed
  • संबंधित सामग्री देखें

    कोलिन्स से नया!
    कोलिन्स से नया!
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    The Paul Noble Method
    The Paul Noble Method
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