V by amount

The 'increase' and 'decrease' group

These verbs indicate that a quantity or level increases or decreases. The prepositional phrase indicates the size of the increase or decrease.
The price of petrol at garages is coming down by more than four pence a gallon.
Violent crime has decreased by 13% over the past five years.
Overall output is expected to fall by 0.3 per cent this year.
Sales went up by 0.1 per cent last month as consumers began to shop early for Christmas.
Life expectancy across the globe has increased by five years since 2000, the fastest rise in lifespans since the 1960s, according to the World Health Organisation.
The service charge will rise by £2 to £11.
  • climb
  • decline
  • decrease
  • depreciate
  • dip
  • dive
  • drop
  • fall
  • increase
  • jump
  • plummet
  • plunge
  • rise
  • shrink
  • sink
  • slide
  • slip
  • slump
  • soar
  • surge
  • swell
  • tumble
  • widen
  • come down
  • go down
  • go up
  • shoot up
  • संबंधित सामग्री देखें

    कोलिन्स से नया!
    कोलिन्स से नया!
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    The Paul Noble Method
    The Paul Noble Method
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