V pron-refl

The 'flatter' group

These verbs are concerned with a person's self-image. In every case, the person involved has a better self-image than he or she deserves, or is trying to make a better impression than he or she deserves. This includes:
    trying to make a good impression on other people e.g. aggrandize, flaunt
    thinking well of yourself e.g. congratulate, fancy, flatter
    trying to improve your appearance e.g. doll up, preen
Dressing for success doesn't mean dolling yourself up in suits and shoulder pads.
I would be flattering myself if I believed I could snap my fingers and force a Swiss bank to jump.
The president, the government, parliament - they all flaunt themselves on the television and make pretty speeches about reform and democracy. But what have they actually done?
Despite his eagerness to ingratiate himself, he remained an outsider without the full, honest support of the people in his own political party.
Refreshingly, she shows no interest in tarting herself up for the photographer, bar a quick brush of her clipped hair.
  • aggrandize
  • congratulate
  • fancy
  • flatter
  • flaunt
  • ingratiate
  • preen
  • doll up
  • dress up
  • make up
  • tart up
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    COBUILD व्याकरण
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    The Paul Noble Method
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