V way prep/adv

The 'mumble' group

These verbs are concerned with talking, singing, or playing a musical instrument in a particular way. The noun group is most frequently followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with through. The prepositional phrase indicates something such as a speech, a song, or concert.
The verbs in this group which most frequently have this pattern are croon, grunt, mumble, mutter, rap, shout, sing, slur, strum, whistle and yell.
Bono crooned his way through 'Satellite Of Love', aided by a croaking image of Lou Reed on the huge TV screens.
Our chairman mumbled his way through a couple of prayers.
After Pauline stammered her way through an introduction, Nicola explained she was Ryman's wife.
Mark, energetically strumming his way through the irresistibly wistful 'Molly Malone', looks saintly.
  • ad-lib
  • babble
  • bawl
  • belt
  • blow
  • bray
  • croak
  • croon
  • curse
  • drawl
  • drone
  • enunciate
  • groan
  • growl
  • grunt
  • holler
  • hoot
  • howl
  • hum
  • jam
  • lisp
  • moan
  • mumble
  • mutter
  • pipe
  • purr
  • ramble
  • rap
  • shout
  • shriek
  • sing
  • slur
  • snap
  • snarl
  • sneer
  • splutter
  • squeak
  • stammer
  • strum
  • tinkle
  • toot
  • wail
  • warble
  • whinge
  • whisper
  • whistle
  • wisecrack
  • yell
  • संबंधित सामग्री देखें

    कोलिन्स से नया!
    कोलिन्स से नया!
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    अंग्रेजी शब्द सूची
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    नवीनतम शब्द प्रस्तुतियाँ
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    इजी लर्निंग इंग्लिश ग्रामर
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    COBUILD व्याकरण
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    वर्ड लवर का ब्लॉग
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    ऑनलाइन स्क्रैबल चेकर
    The Paul Noble Method
    The Paul Noble Method
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