ADJ about n

The 'cynical' and 'serious' group

These adjectives indicate a range of other feelings that someone may have about a situation.
I do tend to be rather cynical about the oil industry.
I do feel emotional about animal suffering, but this doesn't mean I'm incapable of rational thought.
She had a lot to be grateful about, hadn't she?
The preposition about is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
Mr. Bates didn't seem in the least hesitant about sharing his problems.
If you're serious about improving your tennis, golf or climbing skills, get your hands on the Gripmaster.
Some people are squeamish about having needles inserted into their veins.
  • awkward
  • bashful
  • cynical
  • defensive
  • diffident
  • earnest
  • emotional
  • fearless
  • forgiving
  • grateful
  • hard-nosed
  • hesitant
  • humble
  • impatient
  • intense
  • jealous
  • modest
  • nostalgic
  • possessive
  • prickly
  • queasy
  • sensitive
  • serious
  • shy
  • squeamish
  • touchy
  • unabashed
  • vehement
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