ADJ in n

The 'involved' group

These adjectives indicate that someone is interested or involved in something. Some of these adjectives indicate that the involvement is judged to be positive (e.g. absorbed, engrossed, interested) and others indicate that the involvement is judged to be negative (e.g. bogged down, enmeshed). We include here disinterested and uninterested, which indicate that someone is not interested or involved in something.
He was utterly absorbed in his private game.
The final scene finds Henrik and his pregnant wife deep in conversation in a park.
Universities need to be more involved in student life.
The preposition in is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
They are still embroiled in working out so many problems of their own.
Locked is sometimes a reciprocal adjective with the pattern ADJ in n with n.
Mr. Brown is locked in a messy legal battle with his former business ally.
  • absorbed
  • bogged down
  • concerned
  • deep
  • disinterested
  • embroiled
  • engaged
  • engrossed
  • enmeshed
  • entangled
  • immersed
  • implicated
  • interested
  • involved
  • locked
  • mixed up
  • tied up
  • uninterested
  • wrapped up
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