ADJ towards/toward n

The 'sympathetic' group

These adjectives indicate that someone has positive emotions towards someone or something, or that they behave in a way that is kind, generous or sensible. The verbs used with the adjective are be and, less frequently, feel. A wide range of adjectives are used with this pattern; the adjectives listed here are the ones which are most frequently used in this way.
I've always felt very affectionate towards Karen because she had a hard start in life.
He was more lenient towards women's weaknesses than he was towards those of men.
Men like to feel protective towards a woman.
Whilst people are usually sympathetic towards a disabled child, sympathy is absent in most people's treatment of adults with disabilities.
  • affectionate
  • charitable
  • conciliatory
  • considerate
  • favourable
  • friendly
  • generous
  • grateful
  • helpful
  • hospitable
  • indulgent
  • lenient
  • loyal
  • positive
  • protective
  • responsible
  • sensitive
  • sympathetic
  • tolerant
  • warm
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