ADJ with n

The 'breathless' group

These adjectives indicate that someone looks or feels a particular way because of a strong emotion. The noun group following the preposition with indicates the emotion. We include here blue, where someone's appearance is caused by cold. We also include ill, sick, stricken and unwell, where a condition may be caused by a disease.
This use is productive: any adjective which indicates a state which is the result of something can be used in this way.
His face and hands were blue with cold and his thin body shivered uncontrollably.
Guapo was speaking in a voice breathless with excitement.
She felt almost giddy, drunk with strange emotions.
I couldn't stand seeing Nigel chatting to slim, attractive women; I was eaten up with jealousy.
Suddenly my eye caught a ray of white light coming down from a cloud, and I was frozen with fear.
The prime minister was understood to be incandescent with rage that he was not informed personally about the decision.
I feel I'm going mad with worry.
She was rigid with indignation, hands clenched.
Then I was unwell with post-natal depression, which no one ever discussed.
Wide-eyed with horror, Joanna took a half-step forward.
  • agog
  • blind
  • blue
  • bouncing
  • breathless
  • bursting
  • choked
  • convulsed
  • crazy
  • delirious
  • distraught
  • dizzy
  • drunk
  • eaten up
  • ecstatic
  • faint
  • flushed
  • frantic
  • frozen
  • green
  • grey
  • helpless
  • hoarse
  • ill
  • incandescent
  • livid
  • mad
  • numb
  • open-mouthed
  • pink
  • prostrate
  • puffed up
  • purple
  • red
  • rigid
  • sick
  • speechless
  • stiff
  • stricken
  • taut
  • tense
  • tight
  • unwell
  • weak
  • white
  • wide
  • wide-eyed
  • wild
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