Combining forms

The '-infested' group

These combining forms combine with nouns. The adjectives formed indicate that a thing or person has a lot of something, physically or metaphorically. This may be a good thing or a bad thing.
You can buy calcium-enriched milks at supermarkets or from your milkman.
The men floated in shark-infested waters all alone for five days before a Navy plane spotted the survivors.
It's not surprising you feel guilt-ridden about trying to solve personal problems while watching your children suffer.
They say it is better to drive past a rain-sodden woman standing by the roadside than pick her up.
  • -drenched
  • -encrusted
  • -enriched
  • -filled
  • -infested
  • -laden (graded)
  • -rich (graded)
  • -ridden (graded)
  • -riddled
  • -soaked
  • -sodden
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