in N

The 'future' group

These nouns refer to times.
This use is very productive. The pattern is used to refer to years, as in in 2015. It is also used when referring to one part or stage of something, for example in the first week of June and in the early months of 2015.
We look now at the questions that will have to be addressed in the aftermath of the riots.
I'm scared stiff of what's going to happen in the future.
More than ever, people will be relying on pensions for security in old age.
In his spare time, he writes music, essays and plays.
In wartime as in peacetime the owners protected their profits to the bitter end.
In recent years there has been a great deal of public concern about the quality of education in America.
  • in adolescence*
  • in adulthood
  • in autumn
  • in boyhood
  • in broad daylight
  • in childhood
  • in daylight
  • in future
  • in infancy
  • in later life
  • in moments of ...
  • in old age*
  • in peacetime
  • in peak time
  • in perpetuity
  • in season
  • in spring
  • in summer
  • in term time
  • in wartime
  • in winter
  • in the aftermath of ...
  • in the afternoon
  • in the autumn
  • in the beginning (of ...)
  • in the evening
  • in the fall
  • in the future*
  • in the heat of ...
  • in the early/small hours*
  • in the interim
  • in the meantime
  • in the meanwhile
  • in the middle of ...
  • in the morning
  • in the nick of time
  • in the old days
  • in the olden days
  • in the past
  • in the rush hour
  • in the spring
  • in the summer
  • in the wake of ...
  • in my absence
  • in my dotage
  • in my life
  • in my lifetime
  • in my spare time
  • in my younger days
  • in ... times
  • in ... years
  • The nouns marked with an asterisk (*) also have the pattern into N.
    Most twins, even identical twins, separate and form their own relationships as they grow into adulthood.

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