Introductory it as Object

4.1 V it n that

The verb is followed by it, a noun group, and a that-clause.
Most of the verbs with this pattern are concerned with how someone evaluates or judges a situation.
The pilot called it a miracle that no one was killed.
He considered it a good thing that the parliaments would be involved.
Ann felt it an injustice that she had been automatically blamed.
Tom thought it a tragedy that she had settled for marrying Joe Scully.
These verbs are occasionally used in the passive with this pattern. The passive pattern is it be V-ed n that, where it is the Subject of the clause.
There were a number of new faces there and so it was thought a good idea that we all just say who we are beforehand.
  • believe
  • call
  • consider
  • feel
  • find
  • think
  • There is one other verb with this pattern.
    If you are getting a mortgage, the lender will make it a condition of the loan that the property is insured, and will usually arrange cover.
  • make
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