Introductory it as Subject

The 'think' and 'discover' group

These verbs are concerned with what is thought. This includes something that is:
    expected, hoped, or feared
    thought or believed
    decided or intended
    remembered or forgotten
    known or suspected
It is accepted now that drinking water in many areas contains certain pollutants which are undesirable.
At one time it was believed that an addict couldn't quit until they hit bottom and lost everything. That's true for many people but, it turns out, not for everybody.
It was concluded that the aircraft was flying at the maximum permitted speed when the leading edge of the wing opened up, ripping the wing apart.
Inquiries were made and it was decided that there were no grounds for further investigation.
They became concerned when it was discovered that more than nine-thousand ballot papers had been forged.
It is estimated that up to two million people around the country suffer from various forms of asthma.
It is expected that by the weekend, air traffic, garbage collection and mail delivery will be back in full operation.
At first it was feared that a bomb had caused the blast but now it appears that the explosion may have been triggered accidentally
It was felt that valuable work could be carried out in establishing a good working relationship between the groups.
During Gibbs' work on the site, it was found that an underground stream ran beneath the foundations.
It should be remembered that the success rate of Alcoholics Anonymous stands second to none.
From the stories related in this book, it can be seen that the average age of those women marrying is 17.
It has long been thought that bees could perform the same tasks as a sniffer dog, if only they could be readily trained.
It is understood that damage estimated at more than a hundred thousand pounds has been caused to furniture, fittings and equipment in the Embassy building.
  • be accepted
  • be anticipated
  • be appreciated
  • be assumed
  • be believed
  • be calculated
  • be concluded
  • be considered
  • be decided
  • be determined
  • be discovered
  • be envisaged
  • be established
  • be estimated
  • be expected
  • be feared
  • be felt
  • be found
  • be forgotten
  • be hoped
  • be imagined
  • be implied
  • be intended
  • be judged
  • be known
  • be learnt
  • be noted
  • be noticed
  • be predicted
  • be presumed
  • be proven
  • be realized
  • be reckoned
  • be recognized
  • be regretted
  • be remembered
  • be resolved
  • be seen
  • be supposed
  • be suspected
  • be thought
  • be understood
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