Introductory it as Subject

Pattern group 5: it V n clause

There are eleven patterns in this group, each consisting of it, the verb, a noun group, and a type of clause. Patterns 5.8 to 5.11 contain other elements as well.
    5.1 it V n that
    It struck me that the story would make a good film.
    5.2 it V n to-inf
    It worries me to see you unhappy.
    5.3 it V n wh
    It beats me why sales are falling.
    5.4 it V n when/if
    It worries me when you come home late.
    5.5 it V n -ing
    It's no fun working all weekend.
    5.6 it V n/amount before/since
    It's only a matter of time before he finds out.
    5.7 it V n for n to-inf
    It took months for them to answer my letters.
    5.8 it V n n to-inf
    It took me ages to finish my work.
    5.9 it V amount for n that
    It said a lot for him that he was able to apologize.
    5.10 it V n adj that
    It drove him crazy that he couldn't do anything to help.
    5.11 it V n adj to-inf
    It makes me sick to think about all the thefts.

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