Introductory it as Subject

5.5 it V n -ing

The verb is followed by a noun group and an '-ing' clause. The noun group is the Complement when the verb is be, and Object when the verb is bother, worry, or take.
itVerb groupnoun group'-ing' clause
Itisno fundoing things alone.
Itisno usecomplaining.
itVerb groupnoun group'-ing' clause
Itmust takenervemarrying into a family like that.
Itworriesmeseeing him so helpless.
Two of the verbs with this pattern are concerned with something bothering or worrying someone.
Does it bother them being typecast mainly as Italian heavies or cops?
  • bother
  • worry
  • There are two other verbs with this pattern.
    It is no use putting all the blame on young drivers for the high number of accidents.
    It took ages getting through customs as they searched my belongings for drugs.
  • be
  • take
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