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The 'exciting' and 'safe' group

These adjectives indicate that something is good or desirable in some way. This may be something that someone does, as in It is sensible to buy holiday insurance or something that happens to someone, as in It's marvellous to have sunshine most of the time.This group includes adjectives that indicate that a situation or action
    is pleasant to experience e.g. exciting, heartening, pleasing
    is morally good e.g. courageous, ethical, laudable
    shows thoughtfulness for other people e.g. kind, polite
    is appropriate to the circumstances e.g. appropriate, best, sensible
    has a desirable outcome e.g. beneficial, economic, safe
    is well thought of e.g. chic, cool, trendy
The adjectives good and safe are particularly frequent in this pattern. Good is often in the comparative form better or the superlative form best.
I thought it was best to announce my decision now.
Although sunglasses are not allowed in class, students said it was cool to be able to wear them around school.
Where did she get the idea that it is courageous to give up your life?
It was exciting to see the house taking shape.
It is not safe to carry your baby in your arms.
It would obviously be sensible to spend more money on improving the rail network to get people off the roads.
The adjectives relevant and pertinent are used to introduce something the speaker wishes to say.
At this point it is pertinent to note that this collaborative learning process works both ways.
  • acceptable
  • advantageous
  • advisable
  • appropriate
  • audacious
  • beneficial
  • brilliant
  • cheap
  • chic
  • clever
  • convenient
  • cool
  • correct
  • courageous
  • desirable
  • economic
  • effective
  • efficient
  • encouraging
  • ethical
  • exciting
  • exhilarating
  • expedient
  • fantastic
  • fine
  • fitting
  • good
  • grand
  • gratifying
  • great
  • healthy
  • heartening
  • helpful
  • honest
  • honourable
  • illuminating
  • impressive
  • incredible
  • inspiring
  • instructive
  • irresistible
  • justifiable
  • kind
  • laudable
  • lovely
  • marvellous
  • meaningful
  • moral
  • nice
  • okay
  • opportune
  • pertinent
  • pleasant
  • pleasing
  • polite
  • politic
  • preferable
  • profitable
  • proper
  • prudent
  • quicker
  • realistic
  • reasonable
  • reassuring
  • refreshing
  • relevant
  • rewarding
  • right
  • safe
  • salutary
  • satisfying
  • sensible
  • smart
  • splendid
  • super
  • sweet
  • tactful
  • tempting
  • terrific
  • therapeutic
  • thrilling
  • timely
  • trendy
  • useful
  • valuable
  • wise
  • wonderful
  • worthwhile
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