Mass nouns

The 'cheese' group

These nouns refer to food and the ingredients which go into food.
The roast chicken is filled with feta cheese and spinach in a parsley butter sauce.
I was seeking a cheese with a fine white mould, slightly crusted, with a creamy interior.
There are plenty of delicious cheeses made in the area including the famous Livarot, Camembert and Pont l'Eveque.
Meatballs, mashed potatoes and boiled cabbage were followed by sponge pudding and custard.
Proper ice-cream is based on a custard made from eggs, sugar and a cream-enriched milk.
There are also yoghurt custards appearing on supermarket shelves.
He looked like a man who had spent his youth eating health food.
Contrary to the implication of recent advertising, which states that a bag of crisps contains more vitamin C that an apple, crisps are not a health food.
I do yoga every day, use the gym three times a week and eat health foods.
He said detainees at the site were fed only rice and stale bread, which they had to soften in water.
Wild rice is not a rice but an aquatic grass.
The general principle is that long-and medium-grain rices are for savoury dishes and short-grain (in the west at least) is reserved for puddings.
  • baking powder
  • bread
  • brine
  • butter
  • caviar
  • cereal
  • cheddar
  • cheese
  • chocolate
  • chowder
  • chutney
  • conserve
  • consommé
  • creamer
  • curry powder
  • custard
  • dessert
  • dough
  • dressing
  • emulsifier
  • essence
  • extract
  • fat
  • feed
  • filling
  • flour
  • food
  • gelatine
  • goat cheese
  • grain
  • gravy
  • gum
  • health food
  • ice cream
  • jam
  • jelly
  • junk food
  • luncheon meat
  • margarine
  • marmalade
  • meat
  • millet
  • mousse
  • muesli
  • mustard
  • oil
  • olive oil
  • pasta
  • paste
  • pâté
  • pickle
  • pilaf
  • pilau
  • powder
  • processed cheese
  • protein
  • ravioli
  • red meat
  • red pepper
  • relish
  • rice
  • salad cream
  • salad-dressing
  • salsa
  • sauce
  • seasoning
  • shortening
  • sorbet
  • soup
  • spice
  • spread
  • starch
  • stock
  • stuffing
  • sweetener
  • syrup
  • thickener
  • topping
  • vinaigrette
  • vinegar
  • wheat
  • white sauce
  • wholefood
  • yeast
  • yeast extract
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