Mass nouns

The 'bleach' group

These nouns refer to chemical substances which are used, for example, for cleaning things, painting things, or killing things.
The bright boxes of soap and bleach stood in a neat row on a shelf on the wall.
Remove the fungus as soon as possible and treat the area where it was growing with a strong bleach.
Bleaches can erode the enamel and abrasives can damage the neck of the tooth during brushing.
At garden shops and nurseries, several types of insecticide for controlling plant bugs are available.
They sleep under mosquito nets impregnated with an insecticide which is harmless to humans.
They have insecticides to keep insects at bay, fungicides to eliminate the fungi on which young insects depend, and herbicides to keep the weeds out.
Most of the shabby rooms needed a face-lift and some paint.
The walls were decorated by Azim, using a brighter yellow in a glossy paint which is easy to wipe clean.
Choosing new wallpapers, fabrics and paints was fun.
  • abrasive
  • adhesive
  • bleach
  • cleaner
  • conditioner
  • coolant
  • defoliant
  • detergent
  • disinfectant
  • dye
  • emulsion
  • enamel
  • fertilizer
  • filler
  • fixative
  • fungicide
  • gas
  • gloss
  • glue
  • gum
  • ink
  • insecticide
  • lacquer
  • lubricant
  • nerve gas
  • paint
  • paint stripper
  • paste
  • pigment
  • plastic explosive
  • polish
  • poster paint
  • preservative
  • primer
  • propellant
  • repellent
  • resin
  • sealant
  • sealer
  • softener
  • solvent
  • varnish
  • washing powder
  • washing-up liquid
  • weedkiller
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