N between pl-n

The 'difference' group

These nouns refer to the fact that two or more things, people, or groups are different, unequal, or incompatible.
The only difference between us is the colour of our skins.
There still seems to be a fundamental disconnect between good wildlife conservation practice and issues such as a healthy environment and poverty relief.
What accounts for the discrepancies between your figures and the actual numbers?
And the gulf between rich and poor gets greater and greater.
With some of these nouns, especially difference and contradiction, the preposition between is sometimes followed by two '-ing' clauses joined by and.
There is no fundamental contradiction between pursuing personal needs and promoting the welfare of the community.
  • asymmetry
  • chasm
  • contradiction
  • contrast
  • dichotomy
  • difference
  • differential
  • discrepancy
  • disjunction
  • disparity
  • dissimilarity
  • dissonance
  • distance
  • distinction
  • divergence
  • divide
  • division
  • gap
  • gulf
  • incompatibility
  • inconsistency
  • inequality
  • inequity
  • margin
  • mismatch
  • opposition
  • polarity
  • polarization
  • separation
  • split
  • tension
  • variation
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