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The 'basis' group

These nouns refer to a model, basis, or standard for something.
The Clapham report was a blueprint for rail safety.
The course in tourism and conservation was designed as a foundation for further study and employment.
There is no precedent for a hearing of this kind.
The preposition for is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
Trying to select a college is confusing because there is no sound basis for making a decision.
  • baseline
  • basis
  • benchmark
  • blueprint
  • criterion
  • design
  • formula
  • foundation
  • framework
  • ground rule
  • grounds
  • groundwork
  • idea
  • inspiration
  • instructions
  • litmus test
  • model
  • norm
  • plan
  • precedent
  • precondition
  • prerequisite
  • prescription
  • recipe
  • role model
  • rule
  • starting point
  • touchstone
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