N of n

The 'rim' group

The noun indicates a part of something. The noun group after of indicates the thing concerned. We include here nouns such as remains and ruins which refer to the parts of something that remain when it has been damaged.
A man was critically wounded in a gun fight in the Easton area of Bristol.
'What do you want?' he shouted, swinging the barrel of the gun towards her.
Trim the base of the lettuces and remove the outer leaves.
Our ancestors came from islands off the coast of southern Africa.
The Akamas Peninsula in the south-west corner of Cyprus is the island's most beautiful area.
The family moved to Apeldoorn in the east of Holland.
He was 24 and leading the first assault on the west face of a Himalayan mountain called Amadablam.
They keep the television at the foot of the bed, and receive friends there when they call for tea.
Members of the police union marched at the head of the demonstration.
In the middle of the room was a large four-poster bed.
The DNA molecule, within the nucleus of each cell, contains the master plans for all future reproduction.
In the box was the cutest little kitten, which could fit into the palm of my hand.
Two other bedrooms are located at the rear of the house on the lower level and have access to the third bathroom.
Archaeologists emphasise the unique role peatlands play in preserving remains of ancient animals.
Nick drank gratefully, looking at her over the rim of the mug.
The village is built around the ruins of a medieval fortress
Long-distance walker Ewart Grogan, passing through the Virungas, encountered the skeleton of an enormous ape.
We sat down to rest on the stump of an old tree trunk.
The surface of the sea is of course not flat, but curves with the Earth's curvature.
Our branch of the family occupied the east wing of the house, which had once been the servants' quarters.
  • area
  • arm
  • article (of a document)
  • back
  • ball (of your foot)
  • barrel (of a gun)
  • base
  • bed (of a river)
  • bit
  • body
  • bottom
  • boundary
  • bowl (of a pipe)
  • branch
  • bridge (of your nose)
  • brow (of a hill)
  • butt (of a gun)
  • butt (of a cigarette)
  • ceiling
  • chorus
  • coast
  • constituent
  • continuation
  • core
  • corner
  • corners
  • crown (of your head)
  • east
  • edge
  • ends
  • end
  • ending
  • eye (of a storm)
  • fabric (of a building)
  • face (of a mountain)
  • feature
  • finale
  • finger (of a glove)
  • flank (of a mountain)
  • flat (of your hand)
  • floor (of the ocean)
  • foot (of a page)
  • foot (of a bed)
  • fringe (of a city)
  • front
  • ghost
  • grounds (of a building)
  • head
  • heart
  • heel (of your hand)
  • interior
  • leg
  • lip (of a container)
  • margin
  • middle
  • mouth
  • neck
  • north
  • nucleus
  • outside
  • outskirts
  • pad (of a paw)
  • palm
  • part
  • point (of a pin)
  • rear
  • region
  • remains
  • remnant
  • rim
  • roof (of your mouth)
  • ruins
  • seat (of your jeans)
  • section
  • sector
  • segment
  • share
  • shell
  • shore
  • side
  • skeleton
  • slope (of a hill)
  • sole (of your foot)
  • south
  • stump
  • suburb
  • surface
  • tail
  • tip
  • top
  • trunk (of a tree)
  • wall
  • west
  • wing (of a building)
  • wreckage
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