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The 'assistant' group

These nouns refer to people whose job is to assist, advise, or serve someone. We include here partner, which refers to someone who works closely with someone else.
The offer of a post as economic adviser to the president nevertheless came as a surprise.
Bobby Gould, the new manager of Wales, was coach to the Norwegian club Aalesund in the mid-seventies.
  • adviser
  • aide
  • assistant
  • astrologer
  • chaplain
  • coach
  • consultant
  • deputy
  • equerry
  • handmaiden
  • mentor
  • nanny
  • partner
  • physician
  • secretary
  • supplier
  • trainer
  • There is also one noun, service, which refers to work that someone does for someone.
    Popular Black magazine Essence has honoured eight prominent African-American women for their services to the community.

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