Pattern combinations

Pattern combination 2: pl-n V n; V n with n

These verbs have two patterns:
    pl-n V n: The verb is used with a plural Subject and is followed by a noun group.
    V n with n: The verb is used with a Subject referring to one participant and is followed by a noun group and a prepositional phrase indicating the other participant. The prepositional phrase consists of with and a noun group.
The passive patterns are be V-ed, be V-ed with n, and be V-ed by/between n.Active voicepl-n V n
plural noun groupVerb groupnoun group
MPshave been debatingthe issue.
Sam and Debbieswapstories of life in their homelands.
V n with n
 Verb groupnoun groupwithnoun group
Iam not going to debatethe issuewithyou.
Icould swapdatawiththem.
Passive voicebe V-ed
 Verb group
Glanceswere exchanged.
A compromisewas reached.
be V-ed with n
 Verb groupwithnoun group
New tieswere establishedwithcountries in Latin America.
No final agreementhas been reachedwithWashington.
be V-ed between/by pl-n
 Verb groupbetween/byplural noun group
A pitched battleis being foughtbetweenrebels and government forces.
An alliancehas been forgedbetweenseven of the factions.
Phrasal verbsActive voicepl-n V n P, pl-n V P n (not pron)
plural noun groupVerb groupnoun groupParticle
The two of usare fightingitout.
She and her fatherhave patchedthingsup.
plural noun groupVerb groupParticlenoun group
Andy Forbes and Andy Naylorfoughtoutan enthralling battle.
Mr Clinton and Mr Brownpatcheduptheir quarrel.
V n P with n, V P n (not pron) with n
 Verb groupnoun groupParticlewithnoun group
Ican't breakitoffwithher.
Italkeditoverwithmy dad.
 Verb groupParticlenoun groupwithnoun group
The Americansshould breakofftheir dialoguewiththe organization.
Shetalkedoverthe problemwithher doctor.
Passive voicebe V-ed P
 Verb groupParticle
SubjectVerbAdjunct (optional)
Diplomatic tieswere brokenoffin 1939.
Issues involving commitmentshould be talkedthrough. 
Verbs with this combination of patterns belong to the following meaning groups:
The 'discuss' groupThe 'agree' and 'negotiate' groupThe 'hold' groupThe 'forge' and 'break off' groupThe 'exchange' groupThe 'fight' groupVerbs with other meaningsProductive usesStructure information: Pattern combination 2

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