Pattern combinations

Pattern combination 1: pl-n V; V with n; V pl-n; V n with n

These verbs have four patterns. Two patterns are reciprocal:
    pl-n V: The verb has a plural Subject.
    V with n: The verb is used with a Subject indicating one participant and followed by a prepositional phrase indicating the other. In most cases, the prepositional phrase consists of with and a noun group; in a few casts, the preposition is from,to, or against.
Two patterns are not reciprocal:
    V pl-n: The verb is followed by a plural noun group.
    V n with n: The verb is followed by a noun group and a prepositional phrase. In most cases, the prepositional phrase consists of with and a noun group; in a few cases, the prepositional phrase is from, to, or against.
pl-n V
plural noun groupVerb group
The values of exports and importsshould balance.
Oil and waterdon't mix.
V with n
 Verb groupwithnoun group
SubjectVerbprepositional Object
The colourbalanceswitheverything else in the room.
The smell of sagemixedwiththe salt air.
V pl-n
 Verb groupplural noun group
Plannersmust balancethese two demands.
 Mixthe dry ingredients.
V n with n
 Verb groupnoun groupwithnoun group
SubjectVerbObjectprepositional Object
Heis balancingthe classicswitha variety of modern works.
 Mixthe flourwiththe sugar.
Verbs with this combination of patterns belong to the following meaning groups:
The 'merge' groupThe 'intertwine' groupThe 'separate' groupThe 'dovetail' groupThe 'alternate' groupEmphasizing reciprocity
When ergative reciprocal verbs are used in patterns with a plural Subject, they can be emphasized with phrases in the same way as ordinary reciprocal verbs (see Chapter 6). With most of them, a reciprocal pronoun (each other or one another) can be used after the appropriate preposition or after the verb.
The third possibility is that building societies may merge with each other.
These muscles overlap each other.
With the verbs listed below, the adverb together can be used for emphasis.
Given enough speed, nuclei fuse together and make a new, heavier element.
Biological, psychological, and cultural factors all mesh together to produce illness.
  • blend
  • bond
  • clink
  • dovetail
  • fuse
  • merge
  • mesh
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