poss N

The 'nature' group

These nouns refer generally to an aspect of something or someone that can be perceived, measured, or discovered. We include here guilt and innocence, which refer to something that can be determined.
Everything about its design was different.
She initially refused to reveal her identity.
Only a fool could imagine that mankind would change its nature for the sake of an idea.
The government is considering banning an ingredient used in dietary supplements because of doubts about its safety.
Are there any particular factors which govern a baby's weight and size?
Anyone knowing his whereabouts is asked to contact Crime Stoppers.
  • authenticity
  • biology
  • body mass index
  • calibre
  • character
  • colouring
  • composition
  • condition
  • contours
  • density
  • depth
  • design
  • dimensions
  • disposition
  • ecology
  • extent
  • form
  • freezing point
  • geography
  • girth
  • guilt
  • hardness
  • height
  • identity
  • image
  • innocence
  • length
  • lifespan
  • lines
  • location
  • looks
  • magnitude
  • make-up
  • melting point
  • nature
  • orientation
  • origin
  • performance
  • perfume
  • personality
  • physiology
  • provenance
  • purity
  • safety
  • scale
  • scent
  • size
  • smell
  • speed
  • stature
  • status
  • structure
  • validity
  • value
  • weight
  • whereabouts
  • width
  • wingspan
  • worth
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