the N be that

The 'belief' group

These nouns refer to beliefs and ideas. The that-clause provides more information about them.
The aim is that at the end of the year the monthly transfers and the bills will balance.
The consensus is that the British economy is performing remarkably well.
The expectation is that the prison will close in a year or two.
The fear is that the amount of money made available is not going to be enough.
The feeling is that these crisis talks will have to last a few more days before progress, if any, can be made.
The idea was that all the major black political groups in South Africa would be represented.
Current thinking is that many people will have less money in their retirement to live on than they expected.
  • aim
  • assumption
  • belief
  • concern
  • conclusion
  • consensus
  • expectation
  • fear
  • feeling
  • hope
  • idea
  • impression
  • inference
  • myth
  • notion
  • perception
  • presumption
  • principle
  • rationale
  • suspicion
  • theory
  • thinking
  • understanding
  • view
  • worry
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