the N

Nouns with other meanings

There are many other nouns which have this pattern. These include nouns which:
    are used metaphorically, e.g. back burner, backdoor, high ground
    relate to something unique, e.g. Tarot, three Rs, women's movement
    refer to an aspect of a situation, e.g. arithmetic, final, vicinity
    indicate a relationship, e.g. missus, mother country
The Government has put this issue on the back burner.
Van Morrison has to be one of the greatest modern exponents of the blues.
That would put her very much in the firing line as far as the anger of school governors is concerned.
He was of the opinion that the British Government should not take the initiative in the matter.
It puts the onus on him to clean up his act.
Now the pendulum has swung too far the other way.
Critics of homoeopathy are inclined to suggest that any benefit felt by patients is the result of the placebo effect (improvement due to belief rather than any active medicine).
Daniel used to ignore his bank statements, fantasizing that he might win the pools or be left a legacy.
'People want to escape the rat race and bring their kids up in the country', he said.
Her rent was almost due into the bargain and she was a bit short of the readies.
Together they were a formidable doubles team and reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon together.
It was daylight, 18.30 hours, and the traffic was light.
To be able to read the Bible in the vernacular was a liberating experience that freed the reader from hearing only the set passages read in the church.
  • ancien regime
  • arithmetic
  • artillery
  • back burner
  • backdoor
  • balance
  • ballpark
  • banns
  • batting
  • beat
  • bill
  • blame
  • blues
  • body politic
  • breakfast table
  • chase
  • collective unconscious
  • crack
  • credit
  • Crown Jewels
  • death penalty
  • dole
  • donkey work
  • draft
  • electric
  • eleven-plus
  • evil eye
  • exchange (telephone)
  • final
  • firing line
  • football pools
  • Godhead
  • going
  • grain (of wood)
  • greenhouse effect
  • helm
  • high ground
  • horizontal
  • Host
  • idea
  • infants (school)
  • initiative
  • juniors (school)
  • kiss of life
  • last rites
  • law
  • lottery
  • lotus position
  • mail
  • matter
  • metric system
  • milk round
  • missus
  • mother country
  • motherland
  • oath
  • odds
  • old-boy network
  • onus
  • pendulum
  • picture
  • pips
  • pits
  • placebo effect
  • pools
  • post
  • pot
  • proceedings
  • proceeds
  • purse strings
  • rag trade
  • rat race
  • readies
  • real world
  • rhythm method
  • rights (to a book)
  • Roman alphabet
  • rot
  • rule book
  • rule of law
  • sack (bed)
  • Sacrament
  • scrapheap
  • scriptures
  • semi-finals
  • semis
  • sights
  • silence
  • slave trade
  • slipstream
  • sound
  • star turn
  • status quo
  • students' union
  • subconscious
  • surface
  • Tarot
  • tea table
  • third-degree
  • three Rs
  • time signal
  • title role
  • tone
  • toss
  • traffic
  • vernacular
  • vertical
  • vicinity
  • vote
  • way
  • wherewithal
  • women's movement
  • wooden spoon
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