V adj

Verbs with other meanings

There are a number of other verbs which have this pattern. With the exception of dawn and wax, they are used with only one or two adjectives, as indicated in the list below.
The fire had burned low and they had been sitting in semi-darkness.
Easter Sunday dawned bright and clear.
Hell, they'd fall down dead if they ran six steps, most of 'em.
The chair has eight adjustable positions and folds flat for easy storing.
In court today, Mr Alleyne pleaded guilty and was jailed for thirty days.
The stage is small, and the three women barely have room to stand up straight.
Without thought, she stripped naked and bathed in the cooling water.
Writers have been waxing lyrical about the country house hotel for years.
Stay indoors, wrap up warm and don't venture out.
  • burn (low)
  • dawn
  • fold (flat)
  • hang (heavy)
  • marry (young)
  • plead (guilty/innocent)
  • run (unopposed)
  • stand (unopposed)
  • stoop (so low)
  • strip (naked)
  • wax
  • wear (thin)
  • weigh (heavy)
  • fall down (dead)
  • sit up (straight)
  • stand up (straight)
  • wrap up (warm)
  • Sometimes verb and adjective combinations are regarded as phrases, for example lie low, loom large, and run wild.

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